Typography? Yes, Please!

28 07 2010

Sometimes I just love the internet. It’s times like this week, where the internet reminds me why I love Graphic Design so much. But more specifically, I love typography. I love lettering and fonts and typefaces and the like. It’s gems such as this one that I wish my blog had more of. Today I am bringing you three fine examples of the fun world of typography.

First off is a selection of bracket symbols turned on their side in a number of fonts. Though this experiment sounds a tad monotonous, when you label the notion as, “Typestaches” and let your imagination turn these symbols into different mustache styles, it is just plain genius. Let’s take a look-see, shall we?

Next up, on our tour of creative ideas in typography, is a design that has actually been turned into a t-shirt. Rather then with our last piece where existing fonts were turned into something else, this piece is the opposite. In this piece of art titled, “Console Font,” a font is created out of video game consoles and controllers and what seems to be, other video game related equipment…

My third top pick is actually an artist I have been wanting to discuss on my blog for a few months now. I first came across the awesome work of Oliver Munday was in PRINT magazine’s “20 under 30,” visual artists issue. A few pieces of this Washington, D.C. artist were highlighted in the magazine, including this alphabet he constructed out of melting plastic toy soldiers. Other than simply a creative and neat idea, this alphabet entitled, “Fire in the Hole” can also be seen as an anti-war piece and a commentary on the harsh casualties of war and combat. [You should also definitely check out all of the super-cool work on his website!]

So those are my top three picks right now. I hope to bring you some more awesome graphic design work in the future. Yay art!




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