We, The Pizza Opens!

26 07 2010

Friday afternoon, a friend of mine posted the following on her Facebook wall:

“For all you foodies out there We the Pizza opened today. Word on the street (from Spikes mom) that today all the pizza is free….”

After asking her if this was for real, since I had been hearing so many different things about the true opening of the new joint, my friend responded:

“Yes was at good stuff and went in. They decided not to announce the opening bc of the potential mass of crowds. Its open tho!”

Clever, clever. So Saturday evening, a friend and my brother decided to make the journey to We, The Pizza to experience Spike’s new place in town. Due to my inability to navigate the Metro while also texting, I got to Capitol Hill later than I had anticipated. My brother and friend had already gotten to We, The Pizza, but Spike was turning them away since they “didn’t have enough dough.”

My brother and friend, disappointed, started for Good Stuff Eatery, but not before my brother expressed his deep sadness to Spike. Apparently he told Spike that we had been trying to go to We, The Pizza a number of unsuccessful times. My brother reminded Spike that his sister (me) was the one that had the awesome birthday party at Good Stuff with the appearance of the Caps’ mascot, Slapshot. When Spike remembered that he is BFFs with such an awesome person, he let my friend and brother inside. (That’s what having connections is all about!)

When I had gotten to the restaurant, I saw Spike locking up the door to We, The Pizza. Confused, I gave Spike a puzzled look with my best puppy dog eyes. Maybe Spike was just testing me, because he let me in, when I started for the door. I graciously thanked him and joined my buddies in ordering our pizza by-the-slice. I also ordered a beer that We, The Pizza seems to brew themselves, which is pretty neat. When it came time for us to pay, we were informed that it was all free. Nice! Guess the free pizza thing was all weekend in a marketing stint to get the word out for an unofficial opening of sorts. [PS- The official opening of We, The Pizza is today!]

The New York style pizza and beer we shared were fantastic. My favorite was the spinach-artichoke. The Sicilian is definitely worth ordering if you’re hungry. It’s like 80% thick, delicious seasoned and spiced dough. We, The Pizza’s dough is something to note. In all of the slices we ordered, the pizza dough was delicious and soft and chewy. I sometimes think that pizza dough can make or break your pizza and in Spike’s case, it definitely made the pie. I also think that even though we got ours for free, the value of the pizza per slice is better and less expensive than the burgers at Good Stuff. Granted, we didn’t try all of the food on the menu, and I’m pretty psyched to try the other items on the menu such as the buffalo wings, gelato, and Italian sodas, all made right there on the premises.

Below are some pictures I took of our fantastic visit:

I love the graphic design on the pizza box and the tagline.

left to right: Sicilian, Sausage, Pepperoni, Spinach-Artichoke

Finished off pizza and tasty beer.

An interior shot of some of the upstairs seating.

The wall by the staircase is decorated is pizza pans of different sizes. I thought this was a really creative and cool form of decoration!

Could this be Chef Spike's iconic Fedora?

Overall, we had a pretty great visit, and I can’t wait to come back for more pizza. It’s nice to know that now Washingtonians have a unique pizza place to opt for other than the commercial options such as Papa Johns and Domino’s. Well done, Chef Spike! I’d give your place more than two thumbs up, if I had more hands…




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