Cruella DeVil Saves The Animals!

26 07 2010

This Just In! According to today’s Examiner newspaper:

Actress Glenn Close has penned some words hoping to assist wild cats and dogs. She wrote the preface of a report coming out this week, that examines the status of 15 species of disappearing wild cats and canids such as wolves and foxes. The International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Panthera, and the Wildlife Conservation Society will share the report with Congress on Tuesday.”

Does anyone see the humor and terrible irony here? Glenn Close has played the animal-killer, Cruella DeVil in the live action Disney movies, “101 Dalmations” and the sequel, “102 Dalmations.” I don’t know about the rest of you (and maybe it’s just because I have an odd way of relating a lot of real life things to Disney movies), but when I think of Glenn Close, the first role of hers that comes to mind is Cruella DeVil. I guess she’s trying to overhaul that image of hers?




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