Happy Birthday To My Longest Crush

22 07 2010

Though many people think of him as having a washed up career or as someone who resembles musician, Beck or a sleazy child pornographer, I will always have a spot in my heart for David Spade. Ever since I was a child, I have always loved this comedian-actor for his snarky, smart-aleck sense of humor and that cute twinkle in his eyes.

Yup, folks. ‘Tis another installation of the “Celebrity Birthday Post” on my blog. I guess this is like a standard feature on here now. Today we celebrate David Spade’s 46th Birthday. Like I said, I have always loved him. David Spade has been one of my longest-lasting crushes. Yes, I know David Spade is almost twice my age, which is truly misfortunate, but I have just learned to settle for the fact that anything between me and this actor will never happen for a number of reasons, and frankly, while that is sad, I think I can deal. Instead of indulging you in my fantasies of the one, David Spade; I will just share some of my favorite photos of him instead. (I know, second choice. But this will be better received…)

From one of my favorite movies, "Joe Dirt."

"Joe Dirt"


A winning combination: Spade and Stanley!

Happy Birthday David Spade!!!




One response

22 07 2010

I like him for he has a good sense of humor. 🙂 He’s actually one of my favorite.

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