Those Three Words

19 07 2010

It frustrates me so much when people in relationships make such an ordeal over saying the three most “important” words:

Folks. They are only a few words. I know that every word has a meaning and that these three words seem to hold quite a lot of meaning, but in all reality they are just three words. It just bugs me so much when someone in a couple puts SO much thought into whether or not the other person will say these three words. And when someone says these three words, do you know how much pressure is on the other person to say the tree words back? A simple, “you too” will not suffice.

I would guess that these three words carry the most pressure out of any other three word combination in the English language. It’s insane. You can’t say that other three word combinations have the same amount of emotion and pressure associated with them. Other close possibilities could include:

  • Are you breathing? (In life or death situations, this does hold a lot of emotion, but not so much pressure.)
  • Are you gay? (Outing someone carries a lot of pressure, and emotion will come from this, but this isn’t as frequently asked a question.)
  • Did you fart? (This question, while questionably important, holds little to no emotion and depending on the situation, some pressure. Pun unintended. Ha.)

As we can see, no other three word phrase can come to close to sharing such magnitude as, “I love you.” I think that people need to stop putting so much pressure on these three words and just relax! It’s not whether your partner agrees on saying some dumb three word phrase. What you should really be caring about is whether or not your partner loves you. And let’s be honest here. Isn’t love really something that can’t be described by words?




2 responses

19 07 2010

I completely agree with you (in the last paragraph).
When people contemplate about whether or not it’s time to say “I love you” they are ALWAYS wondering “will he/she say it back?”
That’s besides the point, why is that the focus?
If you truly love them, then just say it, they can say it when they are ready too.
I personally believe it’s way worse to say “I love you” and your significant other says it back JUST to please you when they don’t actually love you back.
To me, that’s the equivalent of lying.

19 07 2010

Your comment is what I hear a lot of people say. But I’m trying to go further than the whole, “not saying “I love you” when you don’t mean it. I frankly think saying those three words in a high-pressure sense, is just dumb.

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