Friday I’m In Love

16 07 2010

I told myself this morning that whatever happened today, it wouldn’t matter because I don’t have to work tomorrow. Aren’t Fridays great? Well, today got off to the typical dumb, yet at this point, not-surprising Metro delays. (Seriously. Can the Metro go one day without any problems?) Anyways, this has been one of the longest weeks this year for me, and also one of the most drab. I have been looking forward to today for what seems like forever.

I was excited to write about something cool today. There are always potential blogging ideas floating around in my noggin, yet somehow they all seem to scatter when I get down to writing. Or, it could just be a case of the Fridays! Woohoo!!!

So I decided to do the most lame thing possible to get inspiration for today’s post. I went to Google Images and I typed in the word, “Friday.” I figured that maybe Google could lead me to something interesting. Well, there were a bunch of the predictable images like the poster image for the movie, “Freaky Friday” and alcohol-related pictures. But then I came across the following pictures:

I have no idea what “Big Yellow Friday” means, but it does seems happy. And that elephant sure is cute. Big Yellow Friday definitely seems like something I could look forward to… whatever it happens to be. And then, here’s the next picture I found:

I have no idea whatsoever how this bizzarro image is related to Friday. Of course I could always just go to whatever site the image is from, but that a) takes the fun out of this post and b) might still not give an answer. So I’m just going to go with the thought that whoever drew this, did so on a Friday where the chances of not using your brian all the way are higher. I mean, it’s practically the weekend, and everyone knows that weekend = not using your brain.

So anyhoo, that’s all I got for today. I think I’m starting to not use my brain right now so I better stop writing while I still can spell and such….




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