Would You Date Yourself?

14 07 2010

That’s the question that has been on my mind the last few weeks. Would you date yourself? It’s kind of like the question, would you be friends with yourself? Of course I don’t mean to say that one shouldn’t like themselves, as in the case of the friends question. But the idea of being romantically interested in yourself if you were someone else is an interesting thing to ponder.

I know, the question is kind of confusing. Think of it as something like an out of body experience. If you were able to see yourself the way others see you, and you were of the gender that appeals to you, would yourself appeal to you in a romantic way?

For me, I have decided that no, dating myself is not something I would like to do. True, I would share a lot of interests with “myself.” The two of us already have a shared religion and set of values which is great. Dating yourself is a comfortable resort. My problem with this though, is that because the two of you are already so similar, there is no room for growth or exploration. For me, this is a very important part of meeting new people and being in a relationship. I want to be stimulated with new learning experiences. I want to be introduced to the unknown; to fresh or unusual ideas. I can only do so much for myself, but I want someone with their own unique differences to mesh with myself.




One response

15 07 2010

I wouldn’t date myself at all- because I’m looking for somebody to complement me, not be me.

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