The Future Is Now

13 07 2010

Last night I entered into the 21st century.  It might as well have been the far away future with robots, jet packs, and rocket cars.

In other words, it had come the time for my family and I to get new cellular telephones. As many of my frustrated friends know, I have been without the ever-popular texting capability for quite some time. My cell phone (and plan) sans texting seems antique to many, even though I had no qualms about being in such a situation. Perhaps it was more difficult for my friends to manage with my non-texting lifestyle, than it was for myself.

So yesterday the time had finally come where we got super-fancy, new cell phones. It may be an especially difficult transition for me to learn the ropes of my special new phone too, because my last (“temporary-replacement”) phone was ultra-basic (not even a camera!). Nonetheless, the point of this post is to let the world know that I have now joined the crazy texting community. I may have been left in the dust in cell phones past, but I now have to capabilities to exercise my fingers at an abnormal speed sending dozens of probably unneeded text-based communications. Hooray!

Mr. Spell: perhaps, the first invention of popular texting capabilities.




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