The Latest Craze!

12 07 2010

There were POGs, Furbies, Beanie Babies, Slap Bracelets, and Pokemon cards, to name a few. They were fads of the past and were they ever popular. I remember that the game fads like POGs and Pokemon cards got to be so intense during elementary school recesses, that schools were banning the games’ presence. People paid top dollar for pristine collector’s edition Beanie Babies. Furbies didn’t last as long, but were really popular for their run of fame. And Slap Bracelets may have been the last fad we have had that is most closely related to our current kids’ fad at hand: Silly Bandz!

For those of you who are out of the loop, let me fill you in. Silly Bandz are simply colorful rubber bands in the shape of everything from animals, to words, to sports equipment or symbols. Silly Bandz are sold in packs of a dozen or more and are distinguished by themes like, Princess, Sea Life, Baseball, Spring, and Alphabet. Silly Bandz can come in sparkly colors as well as glow in the dark and UV-color-changing. Silly Bandz have been getting a lot of attention lately, and even CBS did a report on their quickly-growing popularity.

As with any cheap fad, there are multiple imitation companies out there. Just this weekend I excitedly bought my first package of this “silly” fad, although what I bought was a knock-off brand, called, Bendy Bandz. My decision was a tough one, as I searched through the many themed packages offered. I finally settled on a “camping” themed package that had bands that glow in the dark. The shapes contained were a bear, campfire, canoe, tent, pine tree, and the word, “CAMP.”

I like this Silly Bandz fad. The toys are stupid, yet innocent. I heard a great comment about how Silly Bandz are a vacation from all the technology-ridden and fast-paced lives we lead. The idea of the bands are incredibly not complicated or complex and are a welcome release from our obsession with expensive, high-tech gadgets. I admit that this “invention” of a rubber band-turned bracelet really isn’t very innovative, but for some reason it’s unreasonably fun and catchy.

I am really curious as to how long this fad will stick around for. Will Silly Bandz be extinct just as quick as they came into existence? Or are Silly Bandz here for the long haul? I’m not expecting them to have a long shelf life, as Rubber band bracelets don’t seem to be very entertaining for long, but then again, I do not have the brain of a five year old. Here’s to Silly Bandz, the latest and greatest fad. Let’s see how long they manage to live on for in the great history of children’s fads.




3 responses

12 07 2010

I heard that they were to tight and would cut off the circulation to kids wrists.

12 07 2010

They are not too tight. And if they are, you can try stretching them out. But I think that’s really only an issue for people with larger wrists. The bands I have are not tight at all though. That might just vary from brand to brand. If a kid doesn’t realize their circulation is being cut off, that’s not my problem.

14 11 2010

they are gr8 becuse i wear them tochool and my friends love them

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