Adventures In Karaoke

8 07 2010

Last night I joined a bunch of my friends from kickball to have a night of karaoke. The place was a bar in Adams Morgan called Peyote Cafe. Peyote Cafe is a small dive bar known for having karaoke nightly, which was pretty exciting to me. I have actually been looking for a place that does karaoke, so last night was a fun, new experience. I have been singing all my life, and while it has mainly been in groups like the many school choirs I’ve been a part of, I have also been intrigued by the concept of being somewhat intoxicated and singing in public.

When my friends and I got to the bar last night, our friend who was bar-tending informed us that an older couple from Oklahoma who had arrived at the bar had told him that they were from the television show, “Star Search.” I think the couple was looking for  new talent, but why they chose a dive in Adams Morgan is beyond me. However it was rumored that these people could have been lying, since as another one of my friends pointed out, he thought that “Star Search” was not actually on television anymore. Nonetheless, their presence did give me a bit of stage fright and general nervousness.

My friends and I were given the big book of karaoke choices to choose my song from. I ended up doing two songs, each with a different friend.  The first song I sang was the song below. I figured I had seen this video enough times (at least here, on my blog) to really get a grasp of the song’s emotion and feeling and figured it would be fun…

The next song I sang was with my dear friend since kindergarten. We had originally wanted to sing Our Song, “The Locomotive,” but sadly, they didn’t have that as a choice. So we opted instead for another song that we hold dear to our hearts. A funny note about our performance is that for the last 45 seconds or so, when the lyrics are ad-libbed, my friend and I really just sang the guitar line. That was funny, and unexpected for our audience. [Ironically, my co-worker just asked me who sings this song because she was singing it all morning today. Wow, what a coincidence!]

There was another song that I kind of wanted to sing, as my solo act of the night. As you may know, I’ve been on an Americana music kick lately. I was actually pretty surprised when I saw that the karaoke song book listed a large number of Traditional American songs. The one I had settled on was this classic that eventually became stuck in my head for the rest of the night. I discussed my choice over with my friends, who I knew would not appreciate the song like I do. The general consensus became that the song would be a lame decision and not quite the kind of song the bar-goers would want to hear. But nonetheless, I had already told the DJ I wanted to sing it. When he called my name to sing the song, I started to regret my decision. I wasn’t really drunk enough to make a fool out of myself, and I didn’t want to be booed. Thankfully though, the DJ came to my unfortunate “rescue” and informed me that he didn’t actually have the song with him. So I didn’t get a chance to sing it. I had mixed feelings, because I did kind of want to sing a song alone and I do like the song, but the relief was also fine too.

Anyways, I found the song online that I wanted to sing, so to replace my missed opportunity last night, I am bringing y’all the song today. It’s the karaoke version, so have fun!




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