Feelin’ Crabby

2 07 2010

Last night  I met up with a friend from college to get some dinner. Earlier in the day, her Facebook status read that she was in the mood for steamed crabs, and I had been wanting crabs as well. (Actually, I can always go for steamed crabs. It is definitely one of my favorite foods. Yum.) After reading my friend’s review of The Dancing Crab in Tenleytown, I decided that would be our host for the night.

My friend and I ordered the Crab Feast which the restaurant claimed to be, “All You Can Eat.” (As we later discovered, this was more like, “All We Can Serve.”) The Crab Feast only comes with bottomless/”free refills” french fries that weren’t very special, but helped make the meal more substantial. The two of us started out with a tray of crabs (there were six or eight) which we quickly opened up and enjoyed. The restaurant was pretty empty on our Thursday evening and the service was slacking. Our waitress was two booths down for a good part of the evening. It looked like she was teaching a customer how to eat crabs. He was by himself and my friend and I both thought that was ridiculous. Who goes to a crab place not knowing how to eat crabs, orders crabs, and then ties down the waitress all night? Ugh.

Anyways, we were able to flag down our waitress and get another heap of crabs. After finishing off those, we were left actually waiting for our waitress to resurface back to our table. We weren’t quite full and were not ready to leave. As we were sitting there, a father and son who were sitting next to us, gave us their last crab from the dozen they ordered but couldn’t finish. (Amateurs!) That was really nice of them and the son (our age) was pretty cute. The dad also joked that he couldn’t finish his Woodchuck hard cider and we could have that as well.

Finally our waitress came back and we asked for a third tray of crabs. We were told that if we wanted anything more to eat we should let her know because they were closing the kitchen and thus had to get more crabs just for us to cook. I guess my friend and I ate more crabs than they thought we could, but little did they know, they were dealing with some major crab fanatics. After waiting a few more minutes out came a tray of juicy and hot crabs. We somehow finished off all the crabs. The second dish of fries we asked for never came, which was a bit of a disappointment, though with all the crabs we ended up eating, I”m not sure we would have had room for them. When were paying the hefty bill at the end, our waitress noticed she forgot the fries and apologized, saying she owed us some. It was nice of her to say that, and we politely accepted her “rain check.”

Overall, we stayed at the place for three hours and left sometime around 11PM. They may have been trying to kick us out, but we really wanted to eat our money’s worth. Speaking of which, my Crab Feast last night was hands down, the most money I have ever spent on a meal for myself in my life. Yes, it was maybe worth it, though. Although our service was slow, I would still go back. I noticed that much of the waitstaff was comprised of rather good looking guys, which was a definite plus during my stay. The Dancing Crab has a bar, (and yes, the bartenders were cute) so I think I will definitely have to go to the bar a few times in the future. Good times were had all around. And who knows– maybe the next time I go they will remember us and give us those free fries they forgot last night!




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