Drunk Dream

24 06 2010

I have been known to have some pretty bizarre and memorable dreams. The craziness and unbelievability of my dreams just escalades when I go to sleep drunk. Sometimes I don’t know how my mind can come up with such strange situations. For example, take my dream last night…

I dreamt that I was hanging out in some run-down house. We were on the back porch of the kitchen and sitting around in cheap plastic chairs on the stairs. In my dream, I was hanging out with a guy who I know from the theater program back at my college. [In real life, we maybe only said a few words to each other since I was always intimidated by the way he always seemed much too cool for school. He was also really into the Frat he was in, the most well known one at my school.] Anyways, in my dream, we were best friends.

Apparently we were running late to some awards show or something. The show had already started as we made our way through the generic school gym space that it was taking place at. We were looking for seats, which there were plenty of, and I suggested we inconspicuously take two in the back. But this guy, kept boldly walking to the front of the gym, lined with rows of chairs. He finally settled on seats in the front row which seemed to be reserved for speakers. I was nervous we’d get caught, but when I looked to my left I noticed I was sitting right next to Alexander Semin and Nicklas Backstrom! Just as we were sitting down, Backstrom held a microphone to his face and in broken English was exclaiming how he was very happy to be there. (Of course, Semin remained silent, as he always does!) After a few minutes in our exciting seats, an usher discovered us and asked us to leave our “illegal” seats. And that’s when my dream took a turn for crazy town.

As we were leaving the gym building, the two of us were caught up in some inexplainable acid trip-like circus of Victorian dressed characters whirling by us. They kept flying in our faces with bright too-happy smiles, saying things like, “Cheerio!” and “Good day folks!” and “Jolly fun!” It was so weird. Both my friend and I were completely confused and a little frightened. We asked a passerby (who may have been their Ring Leader) what was going on. We were explained that this was the welcoming parade for the upcoming performance of, “Mary Poppins” at The Kennedy Center. Apparently the actors were bringing the excitement of the show on their way into the city, just like what happens when the circus comes to town. The parade was vanishing off into the background behind us.

And then I woke up from my dream.




One response

28 06 2010

I always have dreams about Backstrom…

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