Kindess! My Only Weakness!

22 06 2010

“Bullets! My only weakness! How did you know?”

For me however, my weakness seems to be that I am too nice. At least as of lately, and more specifically, in relating to those pesky volunteers who line the streets of D.C. asking you to sign some petition or another to save the whales, the earth, vote for such and such, or tell your representative something important.

In just the past few weeks I have obliged to these do-gooders and listened to their speeches and even acted like I care! The first time I stopped for a person was in Chinatown and I simply signed my name on some petition for something I probably forgot about shortly thereafter.

The other time I stopped for the desperate-looking volunteers was yesterday. I just was feeling especially mellow and easy-going, and didn’t feel like arguing with the girl’s persistence. Thankfully, I had my mirrored sunglasses on, to hide my disinterest. I tried to lie to the girl, saying that I think I had already talked to someone from their organization, (The only reason I remember their organization is because the girl handed me a save the whales sticker for being a good sport for hearing her out, basically.) I thought I could get away with acting all non-chalant and blasé, but the further into her speech, I realized that I had gotten myself into a trap.

Turns out that not only did I have to stand around hearing this girl out, but she was also asking for money. I applaud her ability to sell her cause in a very outgoing and direct manner. She was politely forceful and stood her ground. It seemed as if I had to pay her the minimum contribution (they had a credit card swipe machine a few feet away!) or she would never leave me alone. Now, in the past, I would usually just go along and then cancel the payment once I got home or something. But I didn’t want to have to go to that trouble. So I had to think fast. I came up with some total BS lie about how I couldn’t afford the minimum payment (or didn’t know if I could pay it now, but I’d have to go home and check) but I was still interested so could I just visit the website. I got away with only leaving her my email address and name. If she bothers to email me, I can always choose to block her.

So that’s my recent debacle. Next time I should just fake a phone call (like the throngs of everyone else who when they see a volunteer, reach for their cell phone) or something. I mean, on one hand, I feel bad for these volunteers who always look so desperate trying to cling on to passers-by. But on the other hand, sometimes often I’m really just not interested. Does that make me a horrible person? I hope not and I doubt it. And hey- at least I have actually stopped the listen to them.

But really, I think this comes down to the fact that I tend to be overly nice, especially to those I am  not so close with. Be this strangers, dates, acquaintances, etc. It’s not the worst characteristic to posses, but it would be nice if I could better regulate my “niceness scale” too.




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