Career Change?

21 06 2010

So I’m thinking of exploring a career change. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for a bit before. Thing is, since I don’t take well to changes in my life, I’m not sure how swiftly I want to go about this new direction of my life. I’m not even positive that changing the direction of my career is even something I want to do, but a career overhaul does somewhat intrigue me.

Currently I work as a Graphic Designer, yet I’ve always worked as a designer in an entry-level position, so maybe my frustration in this field is only because I have never been able to work in a higher up placement. I realize that there are better jobs in my field out there, but since I have yet to experience them, I do not have this direct knowledge. Graphic Design will probably always interest me though, so I think this is always a good thing to come back to.

Is there a different field that interests me for a career change? Well, I’ve always dreamt about being a radio disc jockey. I was a DJ for a student-run radio station while in college and loved every bit of it. The fact that that pleased me so much and that I looked forward to my weekly shows so much, makes me think that doing it professionally could be a lot of fun and rewarding. The same goes for party DJ-ing. While I don’t have as much “pseudo-professional” experience with DJ-ing in a social event, I have played the DJ for personal and family parties as well as at work, and have been praised for my music choices.

Another career field I have always been interested in, is Interior Design. Interior designing runs in my family, and the combination of art meets sociology meets design does interest and appeal to me. The field intrigues me and sounds like it could be quite a challenge, as it sounds like there is a lot to think about and consider when designing interior spaces.

Back in high school I fantasized about being a Meteorologist or a Storm Chaser. The weather has always mystified and interested me, so a career in that field was on my mind for while. –That was, until I realized that my poor math and science skills probably wouldn’t help me much in this field. Yet, the thrill of being a Storm Chaser seems like a neat thing to do as a living.

I’m not really sure what else I could do, thinking of specific jobs. As a thinking exercise, I’ll list everything I am passionate about (or at least have a deep interest in):

  • hockey (The Caps)
  • all things Disney
  • music
  • the entertainment/party industry
  • sports
  • visual art
  • American history
  • meteorology/weather
  • traveling
  • theater
  • children… teaching?
  • blogging…

So, that’s my current thinking. I think if anything, one thing that could be holding me back from pursuing a different field would be that it might be necessary to go back to school and get another degree. And while I do enjoy learning new things, it just seems like a lot of trouble to go to, if there’s a chance that that different career turns out to be something I am not fond of. (I know. I won’t know until I try. But it’s still something I think about that could hold me back.) Like I said, I’m not so good at actually implementing change into my life, so we’ll see what actually happens. But the gears are moving in my mind and I’m tinkering with these thoughts. Any input is welcomed! If anyone has any job ideas or knows of any job openings that could interest I’d love to hear from you!




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21 06 2010

Look we’re young, we’re here not to immediately settle in but we’re here to make mistakes and figure it out. Go try it.

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