I’ve Got Soul But…

18 06 2010

Completely randomly, I was thinking of a song yesterday. I typed in the lyrics to YouTube and it turned out that the song I was thinking of was by The Killers. I was a little surprised because the song seemed like it was from an older, more classic band. I guess the chorus just sounded like some power rock ballad you could hear in the 1970s or 80s. Nonetheless, I found the song and listened to it a few times.

And then I found my new favorite video clip…

I soon learned a few things about this clip. For one, that is Justin Timberlake lip-synching the song. Secondly, the clip is actually from a movie called, “Southland Tales.” The movie is directed by the same person who made the cult classic, “Donnie Darko.”

One of the reasons I like this clip so much is because the scenes are filmed well and the cinematography is interesting to take note of. The scenes are long and there are few cuts as the camera pans through what is happening and follows Timberlake’s character. Another reason I like this video clip is because I really like the song. But most of all, I am especially drawn to the choreography of the girls’ dancing. They display some sexy moves while drawing the drunken character into interest.

So now, I am intrigued by this movie. I kind of just want to see the movie just to see how this scene fits into the movie’s story line. Since I am also a fan of the movie, “Donnie Darko,” I feel like “Southland Tales” could also hopefully be a promising movie as well.




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29 12 2010
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