Black Lovin’

17 06 2010

I have a question for the guys again. What is it about certain races that attracts you to them? Mainly I am referring to races that are different than your own. I’m not condoning this notion of being attracted to other races, because I too can be attracted to other races (as I’ve stated in the past).

But something odd that I have discovered is that African American guys always seem to be attracted to me. (Sometimes Asian guys are attracted to me as well.) I say this is “odd” only because this is a race that I have never particularly found myself attracted to (save for a few exceptions). This is also not to say that I will never be attracted to black men.

I realize that I share a fondness for many black musicians and am also very interested by graffiti artists (who to my knowledge, tend to be black). But when a guy strikes up conversation with me at say, a bar, these are not aspects they know about me. What I am interested in, is what about me, physically, draws black men to me?




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