The Best Hot Dog

16 06 2010

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of going to an Orioles game in Baltimore at Camden Yards. I love this stadium, especially because I grew up going to baseball games there, long after the Washington Senators had played in D.C. and before the Nationals existed.

One of the greater qualities of Camden Yards is the stadium’s food selection. You can’t beat authentic crab cakes and Old Bay and with the recent addition of an Attman’s Deli venue, with their world-famous, hot and juicy corned beef, This is the ballpark to really eat some good grub.

But the real highlight at Baltimore’s baseball stadium is the hot dogs. I know that everyone has their hot dog preferences, be it Hebrew National or Nathan’s, but hands down, the hot dog for me is Esskay. Last Saturday I ate quite possibly the best hot dog in my life and it was an Esskay dog.

When I told a friend this, he chalked it up to me probably just being really hungry, but on the contrary, I only thought I wanted half a hot dog. I was wrong. Usually I opt for the works on a hot dog: ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut. But this time I wanted to really taste the hot dog so I got it naked on just the bun. When I sunk my teeth into the hot dog I was in heaven. The dog was the perfect temperature of hotness. I think that Esskay should adopt the slogan for M&M’s: “Melt in your mouth, not in your hands.” The hot dog was succulent and juicy and with every bite it squirted pleasant tenderness into my mouth. (That’s what she said. I KNOW.) It was just the most perfect hot dog experience I could have ever wanted.

Thank you Camden Yards and Esskay for bringing me that blissful hot dog moment.




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