I Want To Get Away…

15 06 2010

….Yeeeeeeeaaahhhh! Yeeeeeeeaaahhhh! Yeeeeeeeaaahhhh!

(Caution: Adult nudity in the video)

That, my friends, is the song of the day. It completely describes my life today.

I started the day with an unusual typical Red Line Metro mess of a commute. There was something about a problem at the Bethesda station this morning, yet the announcements assured us that it was taken care of. However train after train was jam-packed with people and the early summer heat made the crowding even worse.

Now, being on a super crowded train, while not the ideal situation, is fine if the train is actually moving swiftly on its way. However, it’s another thing if the crowded train isn’t moving -in the middle of a tunnel. Unacceptable. I was a part of the treacherous commute this morning in which the train I was on was sitting still in the tunnel before Dupont Circle for roughly five minutes. It also seemed like the train ahead of us had off-loaded all of its passengers, because the platform at Dupont Circle was just as crowded as the train we were on. Usually the trains tend to empty out at both the Farragut North and Metro Center stops, but alas, there was not relief to the overcrowding situation along the Red Line this morning. A fellow passenger wished me “Good luck” as I tried to maneuver my way off the train. Just pure insanity.

It’s not like I was especially eager to get to work either, today. Since I left work early to go to my brother’s high school graduation [congrats again, bro!], I was unable to get much work completed, so today greeted me with more work than I could easily handle.

My day crumbled along as I continually fought with one of our printers. Why I am unable to print things out at a certain size, is beyond me. While trying to tackle my numerous assignments, one of my superiors gave me another project that I stupidly said I would have time to get to, today.

Meanwhile, in addition to the Metro chaos and work perils, the D.C. area is experiencing humid  and hot weather we normally don’t get until August; all before summer officially begins next Monday. Oh yes, it is quite the “fun” day today! Someone please take me away to summer vacation. I want to get away. I want to fly away…..




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