Jimmy Cliff Sings The Non-Hits

11 06 2010

I went to Wolf Trap last night for a concert that I was highly anticipating seeing. Unlike many Americans; when I think of Reggae music, my first thought is not necessarily Bob Marley. I love me some Marley, but I am proud to tell people that I am a fan of other reggae musicians such as the one I saw last night: Jimmy Cliff.

The concert last night was fun. The opening act was a band, Sly & Robbie who I had never heard of,  but was still able to get into their groove. (Although I feel like the audience was just generally impatient during their set.)…

After the opening band, on came Jimmy Cliff. The concert set list was ok, though I was looking forward to hearing more songs that I knew. It seemed that Jimmy was playing a lot of cover songs, including an odd choice of Cat Stevens’ “Wild World.” One of the better performances given last night was of Jimmy’s hit, “I Can See Clearly Now,” which was fun and memorable.

The end of the concert featured Jimmy and his band all on bongo drums singing a medley of a few songs. That was cool in that it was very African sounding and a nice change of pace. Overall, I may have only recognized a few songs, and while that was disappointing, it was nice to hear different music and expand my reggae music horizons. I wasn’t the only one however, who was seeking to hear the big hits of Jimmy Cliff. Like Lynyrd Skynyrd fans are with the hit, “Free Bird,” everyone around us during the show were constantly calling out for Jimmy Cliff’s popular song, “The Harder They Come” to be played. Unfortunately the time never came, and even after the concert had ended, the audience was still cheering for an encore that wasn’t going to happen. At one point Jimmy Cliff came on the P.A. telling the crowd that the concert really was over and that the park had something like a curfew. So for all those fans who were disappointed they didn’t get to hear the fun and popular song, here it is:

One more thing. To the folks sitting behind us on the lawn: If you’re going to talk loudly throughout the entire concert, go up to the concession stands area and chat your hearts out. It was extremely bothersome and annoying. My family and I were trying to listen to the music, but instead were confronted with hollering and drunken comments making fun of Jimmy Cliff. It was not appreciated. Also, way to be complete losers by getting drunk off of Woodchuck hard cider. I’m not insulting the drink (because I like it) but only losers get drunk off of it and then proceed to be unruly during a show. I honestly do not mind if the audience members choose to sing along at a concert, but loudly conversing the whole time is downright rude. Next time if you want to get drunk and party with your friends, do so out of the way of others who actually want to listen to a band at a concert. Thanks.




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11 06 2010

All of the baaaad feelings have disappeaaared

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