Chicago Gets Cup!

10 06 2010

When the Caps were eliminated out of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I stopped blogging about hockey and the playoffs. It wasn’t that I had denounced the sport or anything, but CAPSLove needed a break from hockey (blasphemous, I know).

After the Caps were out, my allegiance turned to a number of different teams throughout the rest of the playoffs. First I was rooting for the Bruins. When they were taken out, I turned to San Jose (who were enjoying a post-season that had many comparing them to the Caps) and the Red Wings in the Western Conference. After the Bruins, I didn’t care for any of the Eastern Conference teams (though I did root against the Penguins and the Canadiens in those respective match-ups).

And the final Stanley Cup playoffs were upon us with the West’s #2 seed, the Chicago Blackhawks against the East’s unlikely champions (who managed to beat out everyone’s new enemy, the Montreal Canadiens), #7 seeded Philadelphia Flyers. Being the dedicated Caps fan I am, I couldn’t bring myself to actually want Philly to win, so I became a temporary Blackhawks fan.

The Playoffs series were intense. I noted how funny it was that in the first five games, the team to win their game was the team who played at home. Game Six was last night, with Chicago leading the series 3-2. The game was played in Philadelphia. According to the recent pattern, the Flyers should have had their “home ice advantage” to secure a win and continue on to a final Game Seven. With that prediction, Chicago could go on to win in Chicago for the last game. But Chicago did one better. They finished off the Flyers on the enemy’s turf.

The Blackhawks took the Stanley Cup for the first time in an astonishing 49 years. Good job Blackhawks. Way to beat the Flyers. To celebrate the new owners of the cup, here are some of my favorite photos from last night from




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