Nothing To Write Day

9 06 2010

I have nothing to write about today.


I am declaring June 6th Nothing To Write Day. I have nothing to write about today (even though today is Johnny Depp’s birthday). For inspiration, I looked into my blog’s archives to see what I had written about a year ago. Sure enough, I found a rather meaningless post about a kid in the bathroom at work. That day must also have been slow in my blogging mind. While it is unfortunate that this day is apparently a meaningless and unimportant blogging day, I guess it had to have come at some point. While some people may say that, “no news is good news,” I feel like that is just not the case for a blog in which people expect there to be daily (or almost daily) postings. So, sorry everyone for this unfortunate post. Hopefully next year I will have something up my sleeve planned out to write. Maybe in the future, I can overturn “Nothing To Write Day.”

As lame as this post may be, I don’t want to leave you all completely empty-handed, so I will leave you with this… Enjoy!

I do not endorse smoking, however I do endorse shirtless pictures of Johnny Depp.




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