My New Accessory

7 06 2010

Including today, I will have spent four consecutive days with my new “accessory,” my younger brother. I am not complaining, though I do find it amusing that ever since he moved home a few months ago (from almost a year working in the wonderful world of San Francisco) we have been spending a surprisingly large amount of time together.

It’s cute. My bro. is home for the summer to get re-situated with living in the D.C. area after graduating from college and next, moving onto Law School. True, we did grow up in the area, so a lot of sights and faces are familiar, but then again, he has yet to explore what D.C. has to offer to a person of legal drinking age. (My brother fled the area to go to college up north in Connecticut, so he has a lot to explore now that he’s back in town.) So I am taking it upon myself as his cooler older sis. to show him the ropes of what’s hot in the city.

This has led my brother and I to a past weekend of seeing each other every day. (Awwww.) Friday night brought us together on our maiden voyage to The Black Cat for a concert and some pool with his friends. Saturday we ventured out to a National’s game and his first time in the new stadium. (We went to a Nats’ game way back when they played at RFK.) Sunday found us both with rained-out kickball games, playing flipcup against each other at the bar, and then hanging out by my apt. and ending with a movie or two.

It is nice that we get along so well, but at times, I admit it is a tad sickening how long we can stand each other for. Besides our ridiculous tolerance for each other, another reason we’ve been hanging out so much is that we are each other’s “back-up friend” when we can’t find a friend to hang out with. As I honestly commented to my brother once, “You know, the only reason I’m hanging out with you is because my friends are busy.” Yesterday, my brother made the smart comment that he was my “new accessory” in hanging out. Nice quip, bro.




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7 06 2010

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Wow, awesome! A worm-picker plugin for a Cracker-Jack affiliate like me! Oh boy!

It sickens me too how cool you are sometimes, poop-breath.

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