The Futureheads In The Present

4 06 2010

Like with a number of bands I have come to develop an appreciate for, The Futureheads are yet another band I have gladly welcomed through my listening to the University of Edinburgh’s radio station, Fresh Air. The first song I ever heard by The Futureheads is a song the radio station has on it’s auto-playlist. The song, Radio Heart has cute lyrics about listening to the radio, and I just assumed the song was something like Fresh Air’s “theme song” of sorts because I heard it so often.

There are a few other songs I have heard on Fresh Air, and while I have always been fond of their music, I never pursued the band further. Well, yesterday while reading through the Express paper, I read a short article about how the band would be playing at The Black Cat tonight. I didn’t have anything planned for tonight, so I immediately jumped at the idea of going. Thankfully my brother tends to be up for everything, because a lot of my friends don’t appreciate British Punk music. The thought of seeing The Futureheads live seemed cool, but with only knowing a few songs, I figured I’d brush up on their music with a little bit of YouTube.

YouTube is great, because it gives me easy access to things that become my new favorites, like this song:

So now I’m going to the concert and it should be fun. I’ve never been to The Black Cat before, either, so it will be an enlightening experience. And what, with the tickets only being $15 it should be a good deal. PLus, there will be not one, but two opening acts: The Like and The Static Jacks. I checked out both opening acts and they look like they could be promising.

So, alright kiddos, I’m out for the weekend. Have a good one!




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