Best Game Played

3 06 2010

Yesterday I had kickball just like every other time. Granted, this was our team’s turn at the whole Cross-over Week thing, so we played on a Wednesday, rather than a Thursday, but other than that, it was looking to be just another normal day of kickball.

True, we almost had to forfeit, since we were having a lot of trouble finding enough guys to  play (kickball rules state the teams most have a minimum of four girls and four guys to play). And the Code Orange heat index made the temperature close to unbearable, but we were able to scrap together enough people to play and not die of the heat. With something like half the number of people as the team we were playing, we played pretty good, and I had the best game of my kickball career.

To review, I have been playing kickball for five seasons. I have never claimed to be the best of players. It’s usually pretty exciting if I touch the ball when fielding or if I make it on base when kicking. Yesterday evening, with only nine players, I got to kick three times, and got on base each time. Two of those times, I got to third base. [My goal for the season was to get to third base during the kickball game, so that was exciting that I did it twice.]

And then came my moment of glory. All season I’ve been playing Short Stop. Yesterday was no different. We were in the field, and an intimidatingly tall guy was up to kick. My teammates and I shuffled back, anticipating a rather far kick. The ball was kicked straight up and right in my direction. Normally, I call out, “I’ve got it!” but that cautionary prediction always has backfired in the past. So I didn’t call the ball. I backed up, reached my arms up, and somehow miraculously caught the ball! This was the first time in my kickball career that I successfully caught a fly ball. It was an incredible feeling and my team all cheered for me. What an awesome feeling. It was like, all my hard work of showing my team that I really wasn’t the lame person on the team.

I’m chalking it up to the practicing my brother and I did over Memorial Day weekend. My brother and I practiced kicking, throwing, and catching a kickball on the beach. It was fun being able to practice on the beach and not in a competitive environment. The practicing helped. And maybe my determination to keep going in the sweaty heat helped too. Though granted, I wouldn’t suggest practicing in sweltering heat as a future helpful hint.

Another factor to my  memorable catch might have been the all too slimy and sticky Rummy Worms which I brought to the game. As Timon aptly put it in, “The Lion King,” they were “slimy yet satisfying.”

"Slimy, yet satisfying!"

The Rummy Worms were not only delicious and strong, but extremely messy. What happens when you soak gummy worms in rum (or anything for that matter)? You get a mess. And if you’re eating them with your fingers, as we were, you get the mess all over you. The slime that the Rummy Worms left us with, could very well have helped me catch that ball. But I’m going to chalk it up to practice, hard work, and determination. Go team!




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29 12 2010
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