Crazy Dancing Time!

2 06 2010

One of my co-workers just asked me what I had against the band, Devo. I replied that I never said anything that would imply that I disliked the band. My co-worker then asked why I have never played any Devo. Good point. But I didn’t want to play the over-done song, “Whip It,” so I opted for this cover hit instead:

While watching the video, it struck me that the style of jerky dancing and electronic music reminded me of a musician I was introduced to in college. The musician? Wacky man, Vic Thrill. Check out one of my favorite songs of his:

While the two bands have very different styles of music, the similarities can be picked apart. Devo’s sound is more raw, punk and even angry at times, whereas Vic Thrill is more rock-based and electronic and flat-out zany. But the dance moves are pretty alike. And with both bands, the dancing makes the band more memorable and the music video more entertaining. It’s crazy dancing time! Have fun with it!




One response

3 06 2010
Vic Thrill

Shimmyin’, shaman, showman VIC THRILL and siren of the sage and stageT POW! will reel and heal you of shame, sadness and depression with unembarrassable optimism and uncut celebration of life through music and dancing! Be revitalized by T POW!’s elixirs of life and reborn by VIC THRILL’S homemade holy waters, sending you home on a heavenly note!

Where: The Holy Shrine of The Mercury Lounge (217 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002)

When: Friday June 4th 11:30PM

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