The Washington Post Reads CapsLove?

1 06 2010

Over the weekend, I came across an article in the Sports section of, The Washington Post which excited me more than most articles in that section. The article was titled, “A King For Washington: Why LeBron James Should Sign With The Wizards” and reminded me of the blog post I wrote last week on a similar topic. Part of the article may have mentioned my blog (if even indirectly) which was super cool.

While my blog post was less about why LeBron should move to D.C., and more just about how lame Cleveland was acting, I did put in my case for bring LeBron to D.C. To review:

“Honestly, I think LeBron James should come to D.C., and not just to make Cleveland upset. LeBron James and Alex Ovechkin however, are good friends, so that would be neat to have them hanging out in the same city.”

It was just a cute quip I wanted to include at the end of the post. But it seems that the folks at The Washington Post may have not only come across my similar blog post, but may have even read it. The article (which can be found here) discusses a number of reasons why D.C. should claim basketball’s newest hero, LeBron James. The article’s author then writes the greatest thing:

“So, could it really happen?

Nobody is talking about James coming to D.C., except a few out-of-their-minds bloggers and Miss Cleo, the psychic for ESPN2’s “SportsNation,” who predicted last month that LeBron would be playing for the Wizards next year.”

Yup. You read that right; The Washington Post wrote, “a few out-of-their-minds bloggers”, which I honestly do not mind being called. Hey, if those at, The Post are even reading my blog, I don’t care so much what they think of my writing. (As my brother put it, I only care about being “funny enough for people to continue reading.”) True, I might sound like I’m being cocky, assuming that the big wigs up at The Washington Post would be reading my little ol’ blog, but I’ve gotten recognition for a number of my blog posts before, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Besides, I can’t imagine that many people are not only thinking up crazy reasons as to why LeBron should come to D.C., but who are also blogging about it.

So, welcome to my blog, Washington Post authors and enthusiasts alike. I hope you continue to read my blog. Maybe next time though, you’ll acknowledge me as something slightly more appealing than an out-of-my-mind blogger. But you know, I’ll take what I can get…




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