Lighting Design Reaches Great Heights

26 05 2010

A few weeks ago I was absolutely obsessed with a Hipster song. I heard the song covered by a band that performed at my brother’s High School Talent Show. It was not the first time I had heard the song. I had heard it before on my favorite Scottish radio channel, Fresh Air. So when I heard the song performed at the talent show, I remembered how much I liked the tune.

Naturally, I scoped the song out on YouTube to listen to it repeatedly. What I found was better than I had expected.

The song, “1901” by the French band, Phoenix wins the award of being my new favorite music video. The video is so memorable in part, because it is created with a very simple visual effect: the use of light. The video is pretty awesome to watch and depicts the band playing their song, while being illuminated by funky patterns of light to the music’s beat. The background and parts that are not lit, are pitch black. Using just the idea and prop of light is pretty genius since I feel like it is generally under-looked. In fact, light designing can be very creative and useful, as we see in this masterful video.

And finally, here is the video for all your enjoyment and pleasure:




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