21 05 2010

It was all over the newspapers today: D.C. wants condoms! No, the city is not depleted of condoms. But apparently Washingtonians want more condoms and bigger and better ones, at that. Since when were Washingtonians so picky about their condoms?

This is all stemming from a program that D.C. has been running in schools in order to promote practicing safe sex. The District has a free condom program that distributes free Durex condoms in public places such as schools, churches, clinics, liquor stores, and barber shops. Thousands of condoms are offered. But they’re Durex and apparently kids these days want Trojan. Studies have shown that the two brands are identical, but what with hip-hop star, Ludacris endorsing Trojan (check out the site, Magnum Live Large), Trojan has become the “big man on campus.” And naturally, all the cool kids want a piece of that action too. Everyone wants their own “golden ticket”:

(Sorry to change the way you see this song now!)

The thing though that I find the most humorous/entertaining/interesting about all this news about condoms, is that D.C.’s youth is asking for bigger condoms. Either this is just about ego or wanting to be able to do this (that link is in fact Safe For Work and yes, you should check it out) or there’s something more to D.C. that people should know. According to the article about this issue in today’s Examiner, “A March survey released by custom condom maker Condomania found that D.C. residents were the second-best-endowed in the nation.” Wow. Makes me wonder which city is host to the “best endowed” residents…

Guess I’m glad to live in D.C.!




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