My Future Neighbor, Juan Dixon

20 05 2010

Hopefully this post doesn’t jinx anything or scare away future hopefuls, but I was just informed some pretty exciting and big news. Former Washington Wizards star, Juan Dixon might be moving to my family’s neighborhood. The 31 year old, Baltimore native and former player with the Wizards is apparently eyeing an enormous house being built a few houses from the house my parents and brothers live in.

A neighbor who lives across from the mini-mansion being built told my dad and I the story today. Apparently at first a few friends of Dixon were looking to buy the house and Dixon was helping his friends pay for some of the investment. And then Dixon’s interest in the home grew and now he may move into it. I heard the place is huge and towers over the house next door to it. There’s even an elevator in the home! Wow.

I was imagining that it would be really neat to live next to a Wizards player, but after some online research, I was sad to learn that Dixon does not currently play for the Wizards. (I found a really cute site that outlines Dixon’s basketball career, although I’m not sure it is all true. Nonetheless, I’d recommend checking out this web page. The article is written much like a children’s picture book.) Also,, doesn’t specify what  he’s doing this year, but Wikipedia claims he’s on some spanish-speaking team.

Nonetheless, the news is pretty exciting and though I am shocked Juan Dixon is even considering moving to my neighborhood. It’s not like I live in a fancy neighborhood. The area is pretty regular-looking and not extravagant. Maybe Juan Dixon is heading for a career change? But I do really hope he moves in there. He’s only six years older than I am, we went to nearby colleges and both have ties to Baltimore. We cold be friends! How could would that be?! A celebrity living feet away from my family’s home? Celebrity stalking? Being awesome? Yes please.




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