Cleveland Needs To Get Real

19 05 2010

Sometimes, though not often I can be found visibly rooting for the city of Cleveland, Ohio. It doesn’t happen much, but since both sides of my family are from Cleveland, sometimes I feel some odd sense of loyalty to what is otherwise an average city.

I have taken plenty of trips to Cleveland throughout my life, and have to come appreciate a few things about this city. For one, Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This museum of Rock might be the coolest attraction in the city. The Cleveland art museum which has been recently remodeled can be a good place to spend too. Cleveland is also host to great food, specifically deli food. And let’s not forget, the Cleveland Clinic, a world-known hospital center. Cleveland also has a few sports teams, such as the failing Browns (actually orange), the racist Indians, and the subject team of this article, the Cavaliers.

This past NBA playoffs left the hopeful Cavaliers losing to the Boston Celtics in a close-scoring game six. The game was well fought but the Cavs just couldn’t get it together. Before what was to be the Cavs’ final game of their season, news was brewing about some scandalous rumors, involving LeBron James. This may have led to LeBron’s poor performance in that game.

After all that drama, and LeBron James’ failure to take his team to a victory, Cleveland’s focus took to LeBron James’ player contract, which places him as a free agent this summer. Ohio native, LeBron James is currently 25, and already one of the biggest names in sports these days and the city of Cleveland wants their star to remain and not get traded to another team. Cleveland has taken their love of LeBron James to great heights, in order to get him to stay in town.

First there’s this cover song, “We Are LeBron” (to the tune of, “We Are The World”): We Are LeBron Video. (They’ve even got a cast member from The Real World DC in there!) Next in the LeBron James fan insanity is this growingly popular website: Please Don’t Leave 23. The latter website is dedicated to getting LeBron James to stay in Cleveland. There are plenty of videos submitted by fans, including a memorable rendition of, “Sweet Caroline,” as “Sweet Cavaliers.” There’s even a super lame logo of the state, crying for LeBron:

But enough of the cold, sad facts. Let’s discuss Cleveland’s pleas for LeBron to stay. Honestly, their campaign is cute and all, but it’s kind of sad (in a pathetic way). It’s like Cleveland’s only hope for being a “cool” city is by having a superstar basketball player reside there. It’s as if Clevelanders are admitting that their city is so boring, that they won’t be able to continue life without a basketball player. Watching videos such as the one below, just makes me think Clevelanders are pathetic.

If I were LeBron James and saw all these videos, sure I would think it was neat and touching, but it’s also kind of dumb. I would see these fans as whiney, and really, who wants whiney fans who complain too much? I wouldn’t.

Like, sure, this petition you got is giving you plenty of attention, but grow up, kids! Get a life. So you ask me, if Alex Ovechkin, one of DC’s star athletes were thinking of leaving DC, how would I feel? Well, yes, I would be upset, but Washington, D.C. has already had to part with a number of their star athletes in the past. (Examples include Olie Kolzig and Peter Bondra for the Caps.) Yes it was hard, but we acted like adults. Honestly, I think LeBron James should come to D.C., and not just to make Cleveland upset. LeBron James and Alex Ovechkin however, are good friends, so that would be neat to have them hanging out in the same city.

So really Cleveland, I do wish you the best, in your struggle to keep your hero. But I also hope you “man up” and learn to face the music if #23 decides he is too cool for school Cleveland.




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