Free Audio Cassettes?

18 05 2010

Every now and then when I get really bored, I go to and search their free things. Normally all there is is lame stuff like wood and paper, but sometimes there are actually quality things being given away for free.

Back in January, I found myself scouring the pages of free goods and wrote to someone who said they were getting rid of some audio cassettes with rock music on them. Now I know most people these days listen to music on MP3 players, so the oldest media most are willing to buy are CDs. However, I still have a few working cassette players and play audio cassettes pretty regularly. I am a fan of this type of media for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are currently available for dirt cheap (or in this case, free)! So this is the short email I sent to the craigslist listing, informing them that I was interested:

Do you still have these audio cassettes? I was wondering what music was on them. I would be interested in these if they are still available.

I didn’t hear back from them, and forgot about it all. And then, randomly, two days ago I received the following email in return to the message I sent them almost four months ago:

Sorry for the delay in response, it took my husband that long to go through some of them.

It’s mostly rock, a little classical and folk.  If you are still interested we could do a porch pickup at your convenience at my home in downtown Silver Spring.  let me know if you are still interested.

So now I don’t know what to do. Sure, I am still interested in the cassettes. I do, kind of wish some of the musicians were listed, because for all I know, there could be a reason that they are being given away for free (if it was an obscure band or is nobody would be interested in them anyways). Maybe there are some good finds in there, though. I also just think it is funny that this person returned my email after so long. So maybe I will go check this out and finish what I have started. If anyone is interested (either in some free music, or to accompany me on a possible adventure), please let me know.

Audio cassettes are good for a lot of things, like being able to make this!




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