She’s Poopies…

17 05 2010

I know it’s only 3:40 PM but I have to share the best thing I have read all day.

On my morning Metro commute to work, I opened up an Express paper and started reading. Towards the back of the paper was the ever-exciting, “Weddings Lookout B.I.O (By Invitation Only)” page. For some reason I really like reading these little question and answers with the paper. (Maybe the reason I like reading this page so much is because one time my friend was noted on this page, so that was pretty cool. I still read the page to see if I know anyone getting their 15 seconds of fame in the paper with their wedding announcement.)

Anyways, today’s wedding announcements included a couple who seemed pretty “normal” as I read through their Q&A. And then I got to the part where the paper asks them about the Pet Names they have for each other. The man in this couple tells the DC area’s reading audience this fabulous fact about his relationship with his bride-to-be:

“…she’s “Poopies,” because I hate cutesy names, and it was the most cringe-worthy one I could think of.”

Wow. What a fabulous name for his fiancé. Poopies. I like it. It has a nice ring to it. Just the sound of the word itself, could be a cute Pet Name, but in fact, the meaning of the word, completely derails that idea. Nice going. You sir, might be my hero.




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17 05 2010


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