Life Soundtrack

13 05 2010

With a background in music, I tend to think about music pretty often. In addition to being able to play multiple instruments (piano, bass guitar, and sort of kind of ukulele) I used to be a radio DJ at my college. Of the many musical related thoughts I have, sometimes I think about if my life were made into a movie, what the soundtrack would be. I feel like the soundtrack could be created a couple different ways.

The first way would be the more usual way of creating a soundtrack. This would be to find music for a time of my life based upon the mood I was feeling. While this is a completely acceptable way of creating a musical score, I feel like there could be an alternative. Like most things I do, I try to look for other ways of how something could be accomplished, usually in a more creative or quirky way. With that in mind, I have decided that if my life were made into a movie, the (background) music in the movie would be chosen based on whatever song was stuck/playing in my head at the time. This could create a bizarre or unpredictable choice of music. The music choice in this case could totally change the way the movie felt to its audience.

While I write this blog post, the current song that is in my head (and also the one playing in my head all day) is a song that I actually discovered through Fresh Air. Since I had never heard the song until a few years ago, I naturally assumed it was written fairly recently. But then, the other day, I read about this song, and apparently it came out way back in the 90’s in 1996. When I went to find the song on YouTube today, I found the music video for the song. The video was not really what I was expecting to see, since it didn’t seem to go with the music. Nonetheless, I do like the old style of the video. Here is the music video:

 P.S: Was this blog post really just a super lame excuse to post this music video? Perhaps…



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