DC is Sexy…

12 05 2010

Apparently Washington, D.C. is a very sexual city.  If I were to guess a city that would be more sexual, I would assume some celebrity-stocked city like New York City or Los Angeles or a crazy place like New Orleans. Or, if not celebrities, then crazy people. But not so. Apparently D.C. takes the cake (or at least ties with New Orleans)! Who knew?

According to a recent and random survey I found online, Washington, D.C. is in the top 10 most promiscuous cities in the U.S. as well as being one of the top five most promiscuous states in the U.S. That’s odd. I mean, I didn’t think D.C. to be all that sexually-crazed.

Ok, well in the Most Promiscuous States chart above, D.C. is clearly the only real “state” listed. Guam almost counts, but it’s more of a territory than a state. And all those “Armed Forces” locals are also not actual states. So uhh….go D.C?

There are more stats on the webpage such as weird stuff like Who has more sex: Bloggers vs. Non-bloggers, Boxers vs. Briefs,  and Religious vs. Non-religious. Honestly, Boxers vs. Briefs sex count? That’s just bizarre.




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12 05 2010

This is a completely skewed sample, though. Its data is based upon a survey that Mingle created itself, so it is only sampling its users. Considering a lot of online dating sites are littered with people who are just looking to get laid, the data skews upward. And although I’m sure Mingle reaches out to both the younger and older demographics, they are obviously going to be very underrepresented and their data doesn’t get placed right. That being said, purely taking the average number of people the survey group has had sex with into consideration for rating whether or not it is the most “promiscuous” seems like an inaccurate way to measure the data. Just because someone has a higher number of partners, it doesn’t necessarily make them more or less sexual than another. I think tying the data into the relative age (i.e. someone at age 65 who has slept with 11 people is a lot different than someone at age 18) as well as issues about protection and STDs etc., that could signal a more casual attitude about sex.

12 05 2010

I agree that just because some slightly obscure website says something, doesn’t mean it’s valid or true. On a related topic, D.C. has a serious HIV problem that has been going on for years.

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