Chicks Dig Bubble Wrap

11 05 2010

Today in the hallway of my office, I found a box chock full of bubble wrap. I felt like a bright-eyed little kid on Christmas morning. “Oh boy, pop! You mean it? I can have the whole box of bubble wrap to myself? Aw, jeeze pop, you’re the best!”

I took out a sheet and unfolded it to find that it was about 2×3 feet. A large sheet. A great find! Now the only question was, should I wait to pop it at home without bugging anyone, or could the popping not wait and had to commence immediately?

There was no way I could wait to experience my new-found present. I sat at my desk at went popping away. True, I was a little concerned I was annoying my co-workers, but if they complained, I would stop.

As I was popping away to my  heart’s desire, I remembered something I had seen through my journeys in the land of the internet: Virtual Bubble Wrap. Take a looksee here: Before I wanted to start virtually popping, I decided to take a look around the website. The site has some clever etiquette tips for popping real bubble wrap, such as my favorite:

Chicks dig bubble wrap. Always bring it along on a date.

When you are finally ready to start your virtual popping adventure head on over to the side tab aptly named, “Pop Now!!!” Before you get started there are a few things you might want to know. First of all, there are three different sized bubbles to pop (small, medium, and large). Second, you can put yourself into Manic Mode, which reminds me of when I used to jump around on bubble wrap as a kid. Manic Mode, basically lets you pop multiple bubbles at once, and takes the actual manual pressing away from the individual pop. I have found that Manic Mode is good for the third thing you might want to be aware of when popping bubble wrap on this site, which is: you are timed. You can take this two ways. Either you ignore the timer and pop away at your own leisure. Or, you make a game out of it, trying to pop as many bubbles as you can in a short period of time. Once you have popped all of the bubbles, the site calculates your “bps” or bubbles per second in which your popping speed was. This can create quite the addiction in bubble popping.

My record was 8.65 bps using Manic Mode and the big bubbles. See if you can beat that!




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