What Is Your Ideal Relationship?

10 05 2010

Below is a question from an online dating site that I am on. Underneath is the response I wanted to put on my profile. However, I’m assuming due to the length of the response, the website would not let me publish it all. I know it’s very wordy, but after seeing the movie, “500 Days of Summer” last night, it’s something I was thinking about…

What is your perception of the ideal relationship?

I like the way this question is worded. The word, “ideal” implies that we have our own thoughts and ideas about what the best relationship for us would be. “Ideal” implies that this is something we have been thinking about and mulling over in our mind. It means that the best relationship is something we would actively seek out, because of our thoughts. This question does not ask us to describe the “perfect” relationship, possibly because “perfect” is close to, if not impossible to find. We are also not asked to describe “the person of our dreams.” If I may use a quote from the movie, “500 Days of Summer,” the character, Paul recounts his relationship with his long-time girlfriend: “Robin is better than the girl of my dreams. She’s real.” This question of “the ideal relationship,” lets us create an image of someone who we would like to be more than just some fantasy; it allows us to share a realistic idea of the best relationship.

With all that being said, my thoughts on the “ideal relationship” would include getting the other to try new things. Someone who can be curious and adventurous with me as well as relaxed and easy going. Family and religion should be important to you (since it is for me).




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