A Question For The Guys

10 05 2010

Last night I watched the movie, “(500) Days of Summer,” and I was surprised that the movie inspired so many thoughts in my mind. I liked  the movie for many reasons, including the way it made me think about finding love and how to behave during the many steps of a relationship.

One part of the movie really got me questioning how guys behave when in love. In the movie, after the main guy has sex with his love interest there is an unrealistic “Enchanted“-like impromptu dance sequence which represents the guy’s pure joy after “achieving” sex with his love/crush:

My question is– is that the way a guy will act after any good sex in general (maybe especially if he hasn’t had sex in a while), or is that “I am a man who can do anything” feeling more specific if it is targeted at a certain other person/lover interest?

Guys? I’d be interested in your take on this…




4 responses

10 05 2010

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10 05 2010

Joe- I have a story about that actually…

10 05 2010

I think you have to realize he’s no ordinary guy: he’s a hopeless romantic. Why else is he infatuated with Summer?

10 05 2010

No, I realize that he’s just a movie character, but the concept of a hopeless romantic is also a realistic thing for real men too…

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