Back In The Saddle Again

3 05 2010

Yesterday was the first day back at Sunday “Funday” Kickball and I had a better time than I thought I would. For some reason I was kind of dreading returning to the routine of kickball on Sundays. However, the day was the hottest DC has experienced this year, so running around in the heat and humidity wasn’t really something I was looking forward to.

Reflecting on yesterday’s activities led me to these thoughts/conclusions:

  • I am a better kicker than I was led to believe.
  • My new goal for playing on the fields (for both my Thursday and Sunday teams) is to make it to 3rd base. So far, I have gotten to 2nd base a few times and gotten out at 3rd three times. Not bad for the beginning of the season.
  • I am not so great at fielding due to a kickball handicap: I have really small hands.
  • It is much easier to meet new people while under the influence of beer.
  • My confidence is greatly increased when I wear my mirrored sunglasses.
  • While it is not suggested that if you can not chug all of your beer while playing flip cup, you manage to spill it all over yourself; it is however refreshing on a humid day.
  • (For both my Thursday and Sunday teams) I need a buddy to walk back to the Metro with at all times.
  • Forgetting to eat dinner, during an afternoon of alcohol consumption has always led me to make poor decisions.
  • Two or three tater tots do not count as dinner.
  • Falling on your butt on the field will hurt much more the next day than it will immediately after it happens.
  • It really is not right that DC is experiencing gross humid weather normally found in July and August, in May.
  • The Metro closes at midnight on Sundays. This is not to be forgotten.



One response

4 05 2010

Oh I sometimes forget about the Metro closing early. It’s gotten me a few times.

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