The Day I Met The Chili Mac

30 04 2010

Everyone, please meet the Chili Mac:

The Chili Mac is a monstrous-sized creation by the folks at Hard Times Cafe. It is apparently their signature dish, and for that reason I felt like I needed to try it. My boss, a big Chili Mac fan explained that the Chili Mac consists of Chili over Spaghetti. It seemed odd, but harmless enough. I just was confused as to why it was called, “Mac.” There was no macaroni in the dish.

Somehow I was able to eat the entire giant-sized portion. I think I owe it to my slight hangover from Kickball the night before. I realized that with all its carbs and meat, the Chili Mac is a great hangover food. (It may not make you feel better, but it won’t make you feel any more sick!) It’s an instant filler dish. I honestly don’t think I will be hungry until Monday.

Hard Times offers a unique variety of chilies for you to choose from. They have the standard Texas Chili which seems to be their- go-to choice for many customers. Next is the Cincinnati variety which is from a Greek recipe and includes an interesting cinnamon flavoring. I ordered the spicy choice, Terlingua Red, which has more of a kick and has a redder color. They also serve up a vegetarian chili made with tofu flakes which sounded gross, but I tried it anyways, and is very veggie-tasting.

I also give this place major thumbs up because they serve you plates of cornbread as you wait for your food. I love cornbread. I tried it with their special Hard Times hot sauce and deemed the sauce not too bad after smelling it. However, a thorough dousing of it on the cornbread turned out to be unwise as it proved to be ultra-hot. My co-worker later informed me the label described its hot-ness as “XXX.” Now I know.

Anyways, it was a fun experience. I didn’t try their signature Root Beer, but they make it with honey and without caffeine so really, it’s got to be good. And they give free refills on their drinks like the Hard Times Sweet Tea which is a good deal too! While the place may have it’s Hard Times, I sure had me some good times!




One response

1 05 2010

I absolutely love Chili Mac! I need to go back and get some soon!

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