Bloggers Aren’t That Whiney

28 04 2010

Since I am too nervous today to discuss tonight’s Caps game, instead I want to cover the movie, “Julie & Julia” which I saw last night.

[The movie tells the stories of both famed chef Julia Child and modern day character, Julie, a 29 year old who moves to New York for her husband, and hates her job. The movie is unique because it follows both characters in their different time periods and settings, yet the women’s lives coincide. Julia Child takes lessons in Paris on how to be a chef, and then co-writes a French cookbook targeted to an American audience. Julie decides that as an escape from her not-so-ideal life, she will write a blog, documenting her love of food. In her time-consuming new blog, Julie vows to make all of Julia Child’s French recipes in a year.]

Many people who have seen this movie, have complained to me that Julie’s character is really annoying and whiney. While I didn’t want to admit it at first, I happen to think that these observations are kind of true. The main problem I had with this movie is how it portrays bloggers.

Julie tells us that if she doesn’t blog for a day she’d be letting her many readers/fans down and that is the least she would want to do. While I can relate to this thought, unlike Julie, I like to think that I am not as intense as her. Julie’s blogging quickly becomes an unhealthy addiction and causes additional drama in her life. However, Julie’s blogging addiction makes her out to be somewhat one-dimensional and predictable and especially moody. -All characteristics that pretty much bashed bloggers in general, but not how us, bloggers want to be known for.

It’s kind of funny how predictable Julie is, because of her tendencies to blog about everything, much like I think I do. In some ways, the story of Julie’s blogging addiction was less predictable because I knew what she was going through.

I was discussing blogging with my brother who also has some experience blogging (although as a paid job). He believed that I was very similar to Julie in that I cared way too much about how many readers I got. He also believed that I spent too much time making sure the quality of my blog posts were pretty high in order to keep my readership high. My brother told me that there is an easy and a hard way to get many people to see your blog, and he assumed I was desperate like Julie’s character.

I didn’t disagree with everything my brother was saying, but at the same time, I surprised him by telling him that my average daily views was much higher than he has expected. In my defense however, I stumbled across how to attract a larger audience than normal. I argued with my brother that it doesn’t bother me when I don’t always write the best of posts, as it would for Julie.

I also argued that even if I were to write the most boring and lame blog post, a lot of people would still read it. This could either mean that people will always come back to my blog, because of it’s history of being so good (or at least I like to think so) or that my readers have automatic updates to tell them when I write something new. On the other side of that prediction, maybe if I wrote something so mind-blowingly terrible, then people would be more intrigued by it. That, or maybe quality does matter and nobody would  read it. I think this warrants an experiment for the future…

With all this being said, the movie was still pretty decent and Meryl Streep’s embodiment of Julia Child was spot on and Muppet-like. She was the best part. If you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend it. And if you are a blogger and haven’t seen the movie, I would still recommend. Because when it all comes down to it, the movie took place in 2002 when the idea of blogging was still a relatively new concept. So maybe, just maybe, the harsh views of what bloggers were like was all just a misconception.




3 responses

28 04 2010

Ugh, agreed. And I write for a blog with 600,000 readers a month. I mean, it makes me kinda neurotic but I’d like to think I’m not THAT annoying. Number 1 lesson of Julie and Julia: my life wouldn’t make a very interesting (or even bearable, I only made it through bc of the Meryl Streep parts) movie.

28 04 2010

haha, I don’t know. I would watch a movie of your life. But agreed, Meryl Streep made the movie watchable.

30 04 2010

Ya I didn’t like how she portrayed bloggers- and she came off as a little too self-involved for my liking.

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