Game 7 Is Upon Us…

27 04 2010

I don’t know whether I am supposed to be ashamed or proud of the Caps after watching their past performances in Games 5 and 6 of the first round of Stanley Cup Playoffs. For some reason, the sportscasters kept saying that the team was playing well. Maybe they really were, but they still lost both games.

To me, the team looked flat, and not up to their best play. They were making careless mistakes, especially last night, where as I commented to my roommate, it looked as if the Caps were used to practicing with ghosts on the ice, since they kept passing the puck off to empty spaces on the ice.  There were no players to which the puck went! Come on, guys.

But like I said, the sportscasters were praising the Caps’ hard work, especially in last night’s “do or die” matchup. True, it was pretty amazing that the Caps had a playoff record of 54 shots on goal. Yes, that is actually a pretty surreal feat. But if only one of those shots goes in, is it still considered incredible or is it even more hurtful of a memory to the team?

I thought that maybe we could win Game 6 in Montreal, since we won both of the previous games of the playoffs in Montreal. Maybe this city was “lucky” for us. Apparently not. You would think that coming home to D.C. would be an advantage for this team who could use the help of their fans for the final deciding game, yet D.C. could not boost their men to a win in two other occasions in which Montreal has won on our home turf. (Guess they got us back in our own game.)

It sure seemed like the Caps just wanted to make it home to have a win for their fans in D.C. Really guys, that’s a nice thought, but I think we would have appreciated it just as much (if not more) if you had just won in the last game up in Montreal. It’s a nice thought to bring a win to your hometown fans, but really, it isn’t necessary. -Or did the team collectively make a deal with your owner, Ted Leonsis? Did Ted convince you that you should lose at home in Game 5 and lose again in Game 6, just so you could boost D.C.’s economy and the Capitals’ ticket and merchandise sales? Again, it’s all a nice idea, but if you had just finished the series off earlier, there would still be time for all that money-making hoopla in Round Two!

Now that you insisted on dragging out the suspenseful series, you have cost yourselves, and your fans a more dramatic disappointment if you can’t come to a win tomorrow night. I don’t want to go into how much pressure is on the team, since the Caps seem to be the team predicted to win (for so many reasons). But if we’re having so much difficulty in just this first series against the lowest seeded team in the conference, how are we going to last against better teams?

I am not doubting you, Caps team. Like President Obama, I have a strong sense of hope. I continue to wear my Caps hat in pride. The series isn’t over yet, and Game 7 looms ahead for tomorrow night.




One response

27 04 2010

Well well well! Game 7! You can’t believe it can you? Either way I’ve been up and down on my Habs all season. But this has been truly an exciting series from start to finish. Either way, I am very proud of the adversity this team has faced. They stepped up in the darkest times, and took on the biggest and baddest team in the NHL! Montreal next year; will be back, and we will have a great core that we retained from this year. Good luck tomorrow, and may the best team win!

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