A New Blogging Idea…

26 04 2010

I’m thinking of expanding my social media repertoire. I’ve been thinking of creating a real-time account of the many and various food cravings I regularly experience. This brings to mind the immediate questions of, “Are you pregnant?” and “Why would you do this?” First of all, no, I am not pregnant. And second of all, I have lately realized that I have very specific food cravings and for some reason I want the world to know this.

I have discovered two platforms for which I could go about on this new idea. I could create another blog hosted by WordPress (they have a couple of themes that resemble Twitter, wherein your posts are short and sweet statements) or I could give into the ever-popular Twitter Empire.

Each of these two platforms has its own pros and cons, but it mainly boils down to whether or not I want to give myself up to Twitter and its sometimes “too hot to handle” fame and obsessive-compulsive fans and stardom. On principal that Twitter is way too popular and mainstream for me, I am totally against joining Twitter. (However, that is also what I thought when Facebook started up, and now I am completely engrossed in that site. But maybe I don’t want to succumb to that kind of popular (internet) phenomenon again?) However, as my brother pointed out, being on a Twitter platform would be a very easy for people to follow me and my food cravings/quests, and that kind of does appeal to me. An easy way to combat this total rebellion of Twitter however, is just not to join it. This is especially easy to do since WordPress has themes that directly copies the idea of what Twitter is all about:

Theme 1

Theme 2

So my first question is, would you be interested in following/reading something fun and simple such as this new creation/idea of mine?

Question number two, is if I were to go ahead with this (I probably will) then which platform should I use? WordPress or Twitter?

My last question is what should this be called? Current name ideas include, “This Is What I’m Craving”, “I’m Not Pregnant, But…”, and “Are You Gonna Eat That?” Any other ideas are gladly welcomed.

Thanks all!




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