Not The Best Day

23 04 2010

Ugh. This is not the best day.

Normally when I have a bad day, I like to blast some “angry music” such as this great one by Cake. However, I think today’s song of choice is more rockin’ and while maybe the lyrics aren’t so much anything I can really relate to, nonetheless, I have been listening to this all day.

Last night I may have lost my brand new camera. I have only had the camera for 12 days. Along with the camera were two memory cards. (Those things aren’t cheap, folks!) The camera (memory cards, and case) were in a small canvas bag that I use everyday for lunch. While the thing was free from some event I went to, I use it every day and is quite useful to me. I also managed to lose a ring that I was wearing. I know that sounds strange, but sometimes my rings can get a little big and are easy to fall off. I’m pretty sure the ring came off as I was leaving the Metro last night because that’s when I noticed it.

I don’t know where any of these items are, but hopefully after cleaning my room tonight, they will show up. I’m just very afraid that they were all left behind on the Metro last night and that someone probably took these valuable possessions and that I will never see them again. Not only is this not good at all, but especially in the case of the camera, I JUST got this one, and the thought of shelling out more dough for another camera is not very appealing. I could just lay off buying a new camera (since somehow the camera Gods do not seem to be in my favor these days), but in all honesty, I use a camera practically every day and capture some pretty amazing moments in my pictures. Being camera-less would not only be a drastic change to my lifestyle, but it could be difficult for me to adapt to. (I’m not saying it is impossible, however.) Maybe I should just get a few disposable cameras for now. Sigh…

In addition to losing these items last night, my day at work today hasn’t been very cheery either. You’d think that on a Friday, things would be relaxed and easy-going, but not in my case. I have had to deal with a last-minute job that I forgot to do part of, which will probably result in an upset client. I have had to do my boss’ job for her since apparently she has no idea how to do what she is paid for… during my lunch break. I have had to deal with faulty equipment and machinery.

Thankfully my boss has offered that we could leave early if we want. I may just have to take her up on that, since this day is not working so well for me. I only wish I could leave with more of my work done, but then again, sometimes you just need to step away and take a break…




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29 12 2010
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