Unhappy Earth Day

22 04 2010

Dear Earth,

WTF. Was I wrong to think that April means it is the Spring? Apparently so, since you are leading me to believe that actually, it is I don’t know, maybe October? Yes, Mother, I’m upset and confused with you. Why is it that you taunt us with seemingly pretty things to see, yet when we go outside, it feels so different? True, the grass is green and the flowers are ever-blooming (no thanks for the pollen.) You just can’t get it right, can you? Spring is supposed to be warm. Even, April is supposed to bring multiple (to ever frequent) showers, and this hasn’t really seemed to be very wet. (More rain would wash away that horrid pollen that you so insist on coating everything, including my eyes, nose, lungs, etc. with.)

My real problem right now is that because you taunted us all with a small bout of warm weather a few weeks ago, many apartment buildings (like my own) have found it appropriate to turn off the heating. This would seem right, wouldn’t you think so; for April, no? It would, if you didn’t go back on your word of bringing us all hope for warm weather. No, instead I find my mornings and nights unusually cold. And since my apartment doesn’t have the heat on, I have had to resort to measures normally unforeseen in Aprils past.

Now, Mother Earth, you may laugh at what I am about to tell you. You might think that maybe I am over-reacting. Maybe I just can’t get my body to adapt the the weather very well. Maybe you are right, but leaving the temperature 20 degrees below what it really should be, just is not fair. A few nights ago, as I was trying to fall asleep, I had to pull out my big, cozy, comforter to put on top of my already 2 layers of bedding (excluding sheets). This, did not include the sweatshirt I have been sleeping in for the past week or two. Yes, Mother Earth, that’s right. It’s mid-April and I went to bed with a total of six layers on top of my body, trying to keep me warm. The mornings also take forever to warm up. Why do you make it so that I want to wear a thick winter coat to work in the mornings, only to have to lug it around with me in the afternoons (if I’m lucky)? I bet you find this quite entertaining, don’t you? Well I do not.

Mother, is it so much to ask for real spring weather? Hopefully at least, you will bring the D.C. area some warmth by May? Actually, it would be nice to have warm temperatures in April, since you know, we are a month into Spring. If you must, bring rain, but warmer air would be appreciated as well.

Speaking of rain, the past few years, you seem to have forgotten D.C’s efforts to show you love with it’s Earth Day Festival. The past few years you rained down on us during this day of affection for YOU. Not just a normal rain shower, no. You seem to find it quite humorous to have torrential downpours on Earth Day Festivals past. Maybe, just maybe this year, you could bring us some sun, warmth, and dryness? Perhaps? Please?

Anyways, when you are ready to start cooperating again with the weather, please do so. We are waiting patiently. Please! Below I am leaving you this song for inspiration. I hope to see your warmer side soon!

Much Thanks,

CAPSLove & the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.




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