NHL Braketology

15 04 2010

The NHL 2010 Playoffs are upon us and I have a few brackets I am trying out. Of course I could create a bracket based on skill, talent, or (as some Canadiens fans think-) luck, but instead I will show you a few other options in picking who could make it to the finals.

First off, there is the idea of deciding which hockey team will advance, based solely by the team’s name. This one can get tricky however, because you have animal teams (Penguins, Sharks, Blackhawks, Predators, and Coyotes…sorry there, Penguins), political teams (Capitals, Senators, Kings…pretty fair game there), miscellaneous team names (Flyers, Canadiens, Canucks, Red Wings, Devils), and more. So of course the playing field isn’t level. (Not like it would be, anyways.)  So, based off of the standings for the first round, I have created my first bracket, based only by team name:

Another bracket you could chose to do is basing your decisions just by the team’s logo. Personally, as a Graphic Designer, this is how I determine everything. Granted, it didn’t really work out for the Super Bowl, but that’s a completely different sport that has a false name. The logo bracket has some really tough contenders, like the intimidating Predators, Sharks, and Coyotes. I’m personally a big fan of the Sabres logo and the Caps’ secondary logo. Chicago has a racist logo, And L.A. and Pittsburgh’s logos are just plain sad looking. Letter logos such as the Canadiens’ and Boston’s don’t really have anything on real, animal logos (The letter B would not win in a fight. I’m sorry!) While New Jersey’s logo is lame in that it’s also letter-based, but it gets points for at least looking devilish. The Flyers’ logo is just plain puzzling. (Just to note, my logo choices are based on how intimidating a team’s logo looks. Whether or not I prefer the way the logo looks, aesthetic-wise, is not how I am rating the logos, though it does play a part in it.) Anyways, if we go only by logos, the bracket looks pretty different:

As you can see, each bracket is pretty unique. It would be pretty amusing if the playoffs actually did go the way of these two predictions (preferably the Names Bracket, so the Caps would win!). Another bracket you could play by would be to go by which team’s color’s you prefer, but about 50% of all the teams in the playoffs have the color red, so that would be pretty difficult to play by. Another option is to chose your team to advance based on how good looking their team is (Caps win!). Whichever bracket you chose to work with, I bid you good luck and hopefully if you use the brackets I have demonstrated today, you don’t have much money riding on the playoffs…

Go Caps!




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