Fantasy Hockey- The Dreamy Team

12 04 2010

Yesterday my friend and I went to the last regular season Caps game. One of the best parts of going to the last game, is the post-game ceremony where randomly selected fans get the Caps’ game-worn jerseys, right off of their backs. This is the best ceremony to watch for all girl and gay guy hockey fans alike. Basically you get to see the Caps take their jerseys off and if you’re lucky they will be sporting a tight, Under Armor shirt underneath. Hello, Boys! (Check out the video HERE.)

This got me thinking. As you may know, the Washington Capitals are probably the best-looking team in the league. But that is not to say that every player on the team wins in the looks department. (Sorry, Mr. Walker.)

So today I compiled a list of the best looking players in the NHL. Who would I put on my Best Looking Hockey Team to make my “Dreamy Team”? Now, THIS is what real Fantasy hockey is all about! Find out tomorrow to see who I chose. Nominations are welcome…




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13 04 2010

I assume Brooks is top of that list already. I think Semin is very good looking, but I admit to just generally having a thing for Semin. Patrick Sharp is very good looking. Jose Theodore. Lecavalier is cute. Lundqvist has great bone structure. I didn’t think Backstrom was cute until I met him and he is just much better looking in person. I know a lot of girls like Green…I think he’s cute. Mike Fisher snagged Carrie Underwood for a reason. Maxim LaPierre is cute. Okay, I’m having way too much fun with this! Jarome Iginla is also cute. Despite Caps bias, I can honestly say I don’t really think Crosby is cute, but I know a lot of girls do. Can’t wait to see the roster you put together!!

13 04 2010

Well, I got some of those players you listed in my list. It was a very hard selection to make, but I enjoyed the process!

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