I Want This

9 04 2010

I’ve had the Weezer song, “I Want You To” stuck in my head since last night and I’ve been watching their clever music video for the song today. In addition to the great song and great video concept, I recently found my  new favorite part to the video.

It can be found at 0:58-1:00 of the video. Specifically, it’s the face that one of the band members makes when he sees a beautiful girl. Not only is his reaction so classic and great to watch, but more so it’s something I want. No, I don’t want the feeling he’s experiencing; I get that feeling pretty often. What I want is to be able to do that for a guy. To turn heads (in a good, “Oh My God” way). In a, “I can’t believe how gorgeous that lady is and I want her” way. That would be nice.




One response

8 02 2012
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[…] yet noticeable physique. Just like you might see in the movies, I became starstruck (or felt this, really) and dropped everything I was holding. Alex's brother, […]

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