Spring Break in Mexico’s Top 10

5 04 2010

Well, my Mexican Spring Break of wonders has unfortunately come to a close and I am happy to report a week well spent and a fun time had by all. I think the best way to review my trip for all those interested is by way of the….

Top 10 List:

10. Google Maps was right when it displayed six colors of blue in the water. When we landed in Cancun a little more than a week ago, I made the announcement on the plane about what Google Maps had showed me. The nearby passengers on our flight found it hard to believe as well. My family and I reminded ourselves of this hard-to-believe truth everyday as we found ourselves counting these hues in the water. (That, and the water on the Riviera Mayan coast is superbly clear!)

9. Burritos are not a staple of the Mexican diet in the Yucatan area. The only burrito I ate on the whole trip was while at the food court at Cancun’s airport. Actually, soft tacos are widely popular. (I never saw a hard-shelled taco.)

8. Iguanas are very populous around the Mayan ruins at Tulum. The first few were pretty exciting to see, freely roaming the area. Then it got  a little repetitive. Actually, I take that back. The iguanas never bored us. I took a ton of pictures of them.

7. Fun Fact: Playa del Carmen is known for its big Italian population and has a sort of “Little Italy.” (Coincidentally, some of the best meals we ate while in Mexico were not Mexican fare. We had excellent Argentinean, Thai, and Italian food.)

6. Mexican T.V. has a channel of classic Nickelodeon shows that were widely popular in the 1990s that we all grew up loving. This is all that is shown on this retro, throw-back channel called, “Nick Flicks.” Among the shows we watched were, Kenan & Kel and Rocko’s Modern Life. Invader Zim was also on, but as my brother and I agreed, that was after the cartoon shows started to go downhill. – The last of the good cartoons we loved to watch in our childhood was, The Angry Beavers. Once the cartoon, Cat-Dog started, the shows began a down-ward trend.

5. Cancun has a very nice airport.

4. The sun in Mexico seemed to be stronger than the “American Sun” I have been used to. This resulted in a terrible sunburn that plagued me the whole trip. Note to self: Don’t get sunburned the first day of a week-long trip.

3. Remember that drink I was so excited to try called the Michelada? Remember how nasty it looked and how I was going to conquer it anyways? Well, it was in fact truly gross. It took my whole family (of five) to muster up our poor taste buds to somehow down the drink. It was not enjoyable. I would not order it again.

2. At any time of the night, I was sure to find South Park in Spanish on T.V.  South Park in Spanish turned out to be much more entertaining than one would think. This was the case whether or not I had already seen the episode in English. However, Stan’s voice was oddly low, which kind of bothered me.

1. Many of you may seem to think that I go out of my way to “stalk” celebrities but as this trip proved, fortunately, celebrities flock to me. Case in point was a very exciting show that was being filmed at our beach and town when we were there. I got a few amazing pictures of their filming, including some sort of part where some good looking guys changed into the Borat-style neon green man-thongs also known as the Mankini, right there on the beach and proceeded to walk around the beach in them. Unfortunately I never got to find out what this show was exactly, but my family and I guessed it was some sort of reality/dating show. Other parts of the show that we saw them film, included kissing random shopkeepers in public and also kissing girls on the beach, while in their Mankinis. We also saw these guys change their clothes a few times on a sidewalk on a popular street in Playa del Carmen, (off of 5th Avenue) and toned girls in bikinis and super high heels on the beach. There was a host and hostess and a slew of cameramen who followed them around day and night. So weird. I just which I could somehow find out what it was all about!



4 responses

5 04 2010

What is the name of the burrito spot at the airport in Cancun??

5 04 2010


it’s called Guacamole Grill i think.

6 04 2010

oh, I think you definitely need to do a separate post about the filming…

6 04 2010

once i can get my photos uploaded, i’d like to…

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