(Literally) Breaking News

24 03 2010

According to my friend Katie:

“Yesterday during [Caps] practice, [John] Carlson had a shot on goal that deflected off the goalpost and into [Brooks] Laich’s eye.  He has broken facial bones now.”

Also, check out my other friend’s website with a priceless photo and more concerning the “late-breaking” news:  www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com.

It really is very sad news. I look at a picture of Brooks on my work computer’s desktop every day. I look at both of Brooks’ eyes all the time…

what a hottie.

It’s times like this, where I think about how Brooks is still single and how having a girlfriend to take care of him would greatly benefit him. (And me, because you know, I’d be all up for that responsibility!)




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25 03 2010

now he’s a pirate

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