A New Birthday Tradition

19 03 2010

I just came back from going out to lunch with my co-workers. I don’t often spend my free hour-long break with my co-workers, but today we were celebrating two birthdays in the office: mine and another co-worker of ours. My co-worker and got to choose the lunch spot and so we decided on D.C.’s ever-popular Ben’s Chili Bowl.

As usual, it was delicious, and I think for the non-Birthday people who paid, they were relieved at the inexpensive menu. For the first time, I ordered the famous Chili Half Smoke, the dish that put Ben’s on the map. And also for the first time, I ordered their home-made iced sweet tea. That drink was SO good. I would go back just to get that!

It was my boss’ first time to the joint and when I thought about my maiden voyage, I remembered that it was the day before my last birthday. With today being the day after my birthday, I thought it was a funny coincidence (?) that I have decided to celebrate my birthday (though not the actual day) at this historic eatery. Maybe I’ll have to make this into a birthday tradition!




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25 03 2010
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